Remember Your Greatness

I've been out of town. Well, I've been home for a couple days, but I've been resting after a long weekend of volunteering and breakthroughs. I had been priding myself on the fact that I was writing (posting) every single day. So much so, that when the internet didn't connect to my laptop at the... Continue Reading →

On the Train in the Rain

So, I had a day full of adventure. I was scheduled to head out to South Florida on a train that ended up being about 40 minutes late. The lady behind me, in line, ended up being my next door neighbor. Her name is Betty. Within the first 5 minutes of talking to her, she... Continue Reading →


So, the other night at my dad's birthday party, right after we cut the cake, someone asked if we have any names picked out. I think my mom said the name we had landed on SO FAR for a boy, Viktor Gabriel Rank. My Nanny turned to me with teary eyes, "Do you think you... Continue Reading →

Partner in Time

Photo is from Christmas 2012. ­čÖé   I'm really grateful that I have a partner who is also my best friend. Travis is compassionate, understanding, loving and devoted. He's human, and has made some mistakes, and they were never to intentionally hurt anyone, maybe aside from himself. I'm happy to say that we've been learning... Continue Reading →

Feel My Pulse

First I wanted to talk about my sunburn and the amazing beach day we had yesterday, but then I remembered listening to NPR earlier, and hearing the stories of the families of people who were at Pulse a year ago when tragedy struck. A lot of the people there were of Latin decent, and while... Continue Reading →

Blue Icing Stained Our Tongues

You can watch it all,┬áhere. Pardon the choppy video. Gotta figure out if it was the wifi or my computer. My dad was surprised (about the cake, not the sex of the baby). He acted EXACTLY like Travis, saying how he knew it was a boy all along. It really is weird how we marry... Continue Reading →

Boy or Girl??

So, when we first got the sonogram at the baby expo, we had the technician write down the sex of our baby on a piece of paper and fold it super small and tape it. There was no way we would see the writing. We kept that piece of paper without looking at it for... Continue Reading →

Goooood Morning!

We went to bed around midnight/1am last night. Waking up at 7 is something I haven't always done naturally. It feels nice to be on the sleep schedule that's best for me right now. I LOVE being awake when the world wakes up. It's calm and beautiful, and the lighting is soothing. After we sat... Continue Reading →

Thank You

An amazing anonymous user commented on one of my posts earlier, and invited me to start a gofundme in order for people to donate to the maternity/baby fund. I was very happy to hear that someone would like to support me. Just the thought of someone ┬ácaring enough to go out of their way to... Continue Reading →

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