Kickboxing Baby!

I swear, this baby is going to have some strong legs, because he kicks like a beast.

So, I’ve been dealing with some emotional distress, but I think I’m finally getting through it. It’s like, stresses of life circumstances are that much harder when pregnant, considering the brain is producing so many hormones that make everything crank up to eleven. Especially when they’re pretty tough circumstances. At least that means by the time we have this baby, Travis and I will be stronger than ever.

I’ve heard several people say that pregnancy kind of highlights the things in your partner that scare you, because it’s like this long waiting period, filled with high emotions, and a lot of pressure considering at the end of this waiting period, you’re gonna be a family. All of the things your ego tries to tell you sound a little bit louder. The superiority, the not good enoughs, the I can’ts, all of those are a little bit more highlighted.

It’s scary.

It’s like at the end of this 40 weeks, life starts. This baby’s life starts, and our life as a family starts. There’s a lot of pressure, and instead of forging diamonds, sometimes it breaks people. I refuse to let it break me. My commitment is with my family, and my partner. We might not be married, but I view our relationship as if we were. There is no leaving him when it gets a little tough. We get to work through it, with love, and perseverance. We are a team.

I might want to kill him sometimes, but we’re a team.


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