So, the other night at my dad’s birthday party, right after we cut the cake, someone asked if we have any names picked out. I think my mom said the name we had landed on SO FAR for a boy, Viktor Gabriel Rank. My Nanny turned to me with teary eyes, “Do you think you could put a B in there somewhere, for my father? He doesn’t have a name.”

I hadn’t seen her show that kind of raw emotion, especially not in front of people, in years. Part of me wanted to be controlling and stubborn… but I chose to be open to possibilities, and it helps that Travis is being open with the first name he picked out, because the middle name is gonna be Gabriel, named after my best friend/sister, Gabrielle. We just liked Viktor.

So, we’ve been throwing some names around. Brandon is what I thought of first, because of Brandon Lee, and the fact that I’ve never dated anyone named Brandon. My first love’s name is Brian, so that’s out. It’s also the first name of my brother’s biological ‘father’, and that man is vile. Travis looked up B names, and found Bennett. I didn’t love it at first, but I remained open. I briefly thought Bruce, but I keep thinking of the Shark from Finding Nemo.

Then, I was driving by myself, and I yelled Bennett Gabriel Rank. I liked the sound of it. I also thought of Bryce. So, we’re thinking of names, and I’m happy that we can honor my Nanny’s father. I was named after her mother, and it really means a lot to her that he gets a name after him.

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