Blue Icing Stained Our Tongues

You can watch it all, here. Pardon the choppy video. Gotta figure out if it was the wifi or my computer.

My dad was surprised (about the cake, not the sex of the baby). He acted EXACTLY like Travis, saying how he knew it was a boy all along. It really is weird how we marry our parents. The way Freud meant it was a little bit more based in sex than I would ever see but, the mannerisms, I can definitely see.

So, we’re having a a baby boy. AND, before people start going on about how that’s just the sex of the baby, I know, AND I plan on creating such an environment for our child that they feel comfortable and even ENCOURAGED to express themselves in whatever way they want to, and that they feel comfortable talking about things they’re thinking. So, if their gender identity is something different than their sex, we’ll know and be able to support them.

I also think we’re the ones that make things boy or girl related. Pink is a color, and blue is a color. We’re the ones that choose what the colors represent. I’m gonna let my baby pick his own colors, once he can point out a favorite color.

My point is, this baby will be loved and supported, and he will always be encouraged to be himself. No matter who that is. Because deep down, we’re all perfect, whole, and complete.

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