Boy or Girl??

So, when we first got the sonogram at the baby expo, we had the technician write down the sex of our baby on a piece of paper and fold it super small and tape it. There was no way we would see the writing.

We kept that piece of paper without looking at it for nearly 2 weeks. We were originally going to do a reveal party, and give the piece of paper to a baker and invite a bunch of people just for the reveal.

WELL, my dad’s birthday party was today! And a few days ago I gave the piece of paper to a baker at Publix(Grocery store in Florida for all of you out of towners), and told her to put pink or blue in the middle of the cake (I’d rather not have a social debate with my baker please), and I was very excited to give her this paper. This meant the day was getting closer.

The day was getting closer that we’d come a little closer to picturing our perfect little baby, inside this growing tummy!belly illusion Like that angle?
I’ve seen other people use that angle to make things look bigger than they are. Really, my belly looks like this : sidebelly6-10
Both of those photos were taken in the same energized photo shoot, last night.

So, if you have a facebook and can bear a little bit of choppy audio, gonna have to figure out if it’s the computer mic or if it was the internet…if you can handle that, click here for the video of the reveal. I’m going to have to get a better phone so I can actually hook up my phone to wifi and do live videos. If you’d like to support me in having that happen, click here to donate to the Hailey’s maternity/mommy fund!

If you’d like to just know if it’s a girl or a boy, and miss out on the quirks of my family…I’m gonna post again tomorrow with a photo. Or maybe tonight if I don’t fall asleep super early. Feel free to comment a bunch if you’d like me to make a post before I go to bed. 🙂

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