Thank You

An amazing anonymous user commented on one of my posts earlier, and invited me to start a gofundme in order for people to donate to the maternity/baby fund. I was very happy to hear that someone would like to support me. Just the thought of someone  caring enough to go out of their way to comment asking how they can support made me feel so loved.

So, I’ve been battling with a a deep-seeded unworthiness conversation in the back of my mind. My insecurities have been whispering, or shouting (depending on the day), I’m not good enough, I’m weak, I’m unlovable. WELL, I get to shift out of that ish. Listening to that voice put me down doesn’t serve anyone. It doesn’t serve me, it doesn’t serve my partner, it doesn’t serve the world I want to be a contribution to.

So, I’m committed to shifting into love, gratitude, forgiveness, and worthiness. It might not always be easy, and I get to remind myself. I just asked Travis if he could show me extra love while I try to kind of reset my mentality.

Now, the fact that I’m so up and down could be blamed on hormones, and it also could be blamed on the fact that I actually AM stressed out, and being stressed out about finances makes me feel powerless. I’m actually selling my guitar as well as starting a crowdfunding campaign.

I’m requesting support, while we actually start making money from our new jobs, if you could help provide us with resources to get comfy clothes for this growing belly, for prenatal vitamins, gas, and maybe some yarn so I can crochet a softer blanket, that would be awesome. I put a higher goal so I can help my grandma out with bills, and get out of a little debt so we can actually get a credit card to build our credit.

Travis’ credit isn’t that bad, but man. I didn’t exactly get the best training on how to be an adult. Life was really hectic for a long time, and I kind of jumped in with no guide.

Here is the link to the Fundly campaign. Seriously, any support is appreciated, and I’ll post pictures of what I get with any money raised. Thank you all.

Thank you, anonymous user.

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