Goooood Morning!

We went to bed around midnight/1am last night. Waking up at 7 is something I haven’t always done naturally. It feels nice to be on the sleep schedule that’s best for me right now. I LOVE being awake when the world wakes up. It’s calm and beautiful, and the lighting is soothing.

After we sat in bed, kind of still wanting to fall back asleep for an hour, we woke up and started watching Bill Maher apologize for what he said last week. When the grips of hunger clutched my stomach, I ran to eat some cereal. Honey bunches of oats are my favorite. 🙂 When I was satiated enough to not want to kill anyone, we decided to go on a walk to the park.

Well, we got to the opening of the park, where the sidewalk morphs into the trail, and I found a bunch of mushrooms. There were 4 patches of mushrooms that looked dainty, like this:soggy mushy 6-10

I really enjoy finding mushrooms and taking pictures of them. I used to grow mushrooms, and I would like to again, but only the kinds you can eat withOUT clearing your plans for 6 hours. I’d have to look into what kinds of mushrooms there are, and what health benefits they have, and how easy it would be to grow them.

As we continued our walk to the building to fill my water bottle, I spotted another little mushroom. This one looked a lot sturdier. If I was a tiny fairy I’d chill underneath it.


The whole time we were walking up to the park, there was a little girl talking to her mom, walking in front of us. I’m so excited to have a child. She was so full of wonder and love, and curiosity. I try to maintain a 5 year old’s level of wonder. I think that’s the real reason I look younger than I am (even though recently I’ve been feeling like I look more mature, maybe it’s the baby) and I think that’s the real way to stay happy into your older years. It’s all about perspective. 🙂

I’m gonna eat some lunch. I have some more, baby related stuff to talk about in a little bit. After I eat. I swear I get famished out of nowhere.

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