My Values as a Mommy Will Be…

Love. Above all else, love. Always act from love, never fear. This can be challenging to do all the time, especially when our insecurities get the best of us, but remember to still be mindful, and come back from fear if you notice yourself coming from it. Acknowledge it, and step back into love.

It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to admit that you’re scared. We can talk about it. You are safe with us. We will always love you, no matter what. We are not here to judge you.

Your voice is valued. If you have something to say, we want to hear it. What you have to say is important. If you don’t think we heard you, let us know. Your voice will be heard.

Follow your heart. If you like doing something, do it all the time. Tell us you love doing it. If you love drawing, cool, let’s make sure you never run out of paper to draw on. If you love playing my ukulele, let’s take you to the music store. If you’re more analytical, like your dad, and you love learning, we will go to the library 3 times a week. Daddy and I love libraries. We will nurture your passions and turn them into skills. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have 100 hobbies/passions.

Be kind. You never know what someone is going through. Maybe your classmate who was really quiet today had a bad night last night. Maybe they didn’t have breakfast. Talk to them and let them know you’re there if they want to talk to you too. Everyone gets 100%. Everyone gets to know they matter. They matter to you, and they matter to the world.

You matter to me. You matter to your dad. You matter to the world.



I’ll definitely add more of these as time passes, but these are the ones I think are important to teach, and to show them, by being the type of mom that follows these rules.

I’m so excited to be a mom.


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