So, it was kind of freaking me out that I’m not consistently feeling movement. Then I looked to pregnancy forums and calmed my nerves.

It was really weird because I felt that one really obvious movement, and then I felt nothing. I assumed I would begin feeling movements all the time, annnd that’s not the case. Baby’s still pretty little and it’s still unfamiliar to me. Annnnd I’m gassy all the time so baby could be making little movements, but I just don’t know..

So there’s been a pause.

There’s been a few times that I thought I felt movement again, but I’m not sure. I sometimes poke my belly to see if baby pokes back. I also talk and sing to the little potato. There’s also a little chihuahua that likes to lay on my belly, and lay near the shower to protect me while I’m bathing. It’s so cute.

I’ve been looking for cute pregnancy blogs to follow. Link some to me?

Sorry for the short post. I’m a little foggy right now. Not just because I’m sleepy, but I’ve been staring at the computer for too long and my eyes hurt. I’m gonna be a coder, though, so yay! Not before tons of practice.

I might get a tint for my screen or glasses that help neutralize the color of the screen on my eyes.


Night night everyone!

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