So Many Things/18 Weeks

I’m so excited about this little human growing inside of me. I think I just felt it move again. Not as obvious as the first time but a similar feeling. Cool.

I got my first pair of maternity shorts today. There was a surprisingly small amount of things to choose from in my size. I’m still small framed, but buying a bigger sized pair of shorts wouldn’t fit the same on my butt, and would end up cutting into my tummy just like the ones I’ve been wearing.

Every Sunday I’ve been taking photos, and I think it’s funny because depending on how gassy I am, I will look more or less pregnant. I was pretty digestively content in the following pics.

In the next couple weeks we’ll be having our next ultrasound. I’m excited to see how baby’s been growing. I think it’s funny all the different food items all the pregnancy apps/communities compare fetuses to. Our baby is the size of a chicken breast or a sweet potato.

In 2 weeks, I’m gonna be halfway through my pregnancy. It’s insane how time flies. It’s also insane that we grow entire human beings in 9ish months. It’s such an amazing miracle. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to experience this.

Travis and I are watching his brother’s doggy and house while the family is on vacation. It’s kind of nice to be in a different setting when writing and just hanging out. Hopefully tomorrow we can go swimming.

The dog, which used to be Travis’ dog (a long time ago), is named Domino, and Domino totally knows I’m pregnant and he likes to lay on my tummy. He’s super cute.

As far as coding goes, I get to do some more practice right now, especially since my boyfriend is wayyyy ahead of me. I wanna be able to help him too when he gets stuck. He helps me, I just do a lot of different things on the web when I get on my computer. He’s able to just sit and do it for hours and hours. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s gonna be a lot easier while we’re here because there’s a lot of natural light in the house and it’s not as cold so I feel more awake and active.

I swear when I’m cold I just don’t wanna do anything. It’s like I freeze and I need to thaw out before I get anything done.

Time for some more coding practice before bed. 😀

Goodnight everyone!!!

ALSO…If anyone wants to donate maternity clothes or funds for maternity clothes and stuff, write a comment or find me on facebook. Also I’m in the market for one of those amazing pregnancy pillows. Thank yooou. ❤

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