Growing and Glowing

My belly has been growing (obviously), but it’s a lot more obvious that I’m pregnant when I’m wearing a tight shirt now. Especially if you knew me before. My boobs look gigantic compared to before. I’m super grateful my grandma gave me 20 bucks to go pick out some maternity things. She was about to pick out an outfit, but then she remembered we have totally different tastes. I’m gonna head over to a maternity consignment shop, and hopefully find an outfit and a bra extender for cheap. Not that I didn’t already size up, ’cause I’ve gone up a whole cup size as is, and I’m only 4 months. My body hasn’t even started making actual milk yet. Dear lord.

The past day and a half I’ve been growing in skills, too. I’ve been learning how to code with Free Code Camp. It’s a really cool organization that offers a serious selection of lessons and resources. It’s really awesome that I’m excited to learn it, and it’s engaging. Considering I grew up with computers, and I had classes where we made websites on freewebs, it’s not all that foreign to me. It is a lot more detailed, however, than the blocky, times new roman websites we made. Granted, freewebs looked a lot nicer. I can’t remember the first one that was kind of ugly. I think it was related to yahoo. Ahh, geocities. I was using such basic HTML to make my website back then, and got used to some basic coding when personalizing my Xanga and MySpace.

Man, talk about a lifetime ago.

I’m really grateful for all of the growing that I’ve done in the last decade. Hell, in the last 2 years. Once upon a time I was in a really dark place. There were a couple times I almost didn’t make it out alive. I am so thankful that I am still alive. I’m thankful that I can grow this miracle of life inside of me, and I’m thankful that I am clear headed and free from PTSD and depression.

I just want you all to know, I may just be a girl who writes blogs and posts pictures, but I am here for you. If you’re ever going through something and you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, leave me a comment or send me a message on facebook. I’m here for you and I want you to know that you matter.

I love you all.

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