Generations of Affection

My mom sent me the most beautiful message a few minutes ago. She expressed how amazing it was to have the opportunity to see her lineage, in any direction. For my baby to also have her blood.

See, my mom was adopted. For a long time she didn’t know her birth family. She didn’t know where she came from. She eventually found out when she was 25, but that’s not the same as really knowing them. So, for her, the possibility of another person in her bloodline, is really profound.

There’s a kind of similar story with my dad. See, he’s been in relationships where his gf/wife already had kids, and he’s been daddy. Even with my brother, he knew him when he was a baby, but not from birth, and even when he knew him then, he was ‘Uncle Z’ to us. Apparently all of the adults in the family knew what was going on, but we didn’t. Well, my brother was a baby, so he really didn’t.

Anyway, my dad’s never been there to watch this human life form. From the very beginning. And he’s never had his own kids. So now, his (adopted) baby girl, is gonna have his first grandbaby. He is besides himself with excitement.

It’s really lovely to see my family coming back together at the thought of a child coming into the picture. Travis and I are joining two families, and creating out own.

I feel like I’ve thought about that before, but it’s never been such a whole union, I mean, I’ve never been pregnant before. I’ve never TRULY considered marrying anyone before. I’ve been appreciative of boyfriends’ family, but it’s never been like, oh hey, entire family, meet his entire family.

I’m really grateful for every single one of them, and for every single moment we’re going to share. Together.

A family.

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