Bookworm & [My] Backstory

I’ve been reading The Glass Castle. It’s an amazing book so far, and I’m about half-way done. A lot of it hits really close to home.

When I was growing up, I was surrounded by drama, addiction, moving place to place (though not like in the book), and for a long time ‘daddy could do no wrong’. I was for some reason more upset by everything my mom did, and ignored everything my dad did. I didn’t see it then, and I thought she was always being over dramatic when she’d say that. She wasn’t. It wasn’t until I went through a personal development training that I was able to see what kind of stuff I had been holding back.

Now, I’ve since forgiven my family and myself for all of the things that were less than desirable, but it was hard. It’s still hard sometimes, especially when I see people (myself included) exhibiting behaviors that tend to take people down the familiar and painful paths. I just get to constantly remember to love people where they’re at. No matter what, just love them. True, unconditional love. That doesn’t mean invest all of your emotions into your relationship, or put yourself in unsafe positions, but have compassion. Take deep breaths if you feel yourself getting angry. Remember that people are all going through their own sets of challenges with their own tools and beliefs. Someone might do something that hurts you, but they might not have even thought their action would have that much of an effect on you, because a lot of the time, people think they are insignificant.

Nothing is ever personal.

Know your worth. You are worthy of happiness and peace, every single one of you. You are powerful and loved. You are good enough.

Don’t let anyone convince you that you aren’t. Not even the voice in the back of your head. Drown it out with self-love.

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