Morning Miracles

This morning, I woke up earlier than Travis. He was up late working on some coding, and my pregnant butt couldn’t keep my eyes open for the life of me. So I actually woke up before it hit 90 degrees. I decided to go on a walk.

I walked outside and I felt invigorated. The world was waking up, and the light wasn’t too harsh. It was absolutely beautiful. My sight danced along the shadows of the sycamore leaves, when I spotted a lovely little mushroom. mushroom

I love mushrooms. I used to own a Mushroom Field Guide. I must admit, I bought it for hunting the types of mushrooms many teenagers discover. I ended up growing them for a while, and I’ve always thought about growing regular food mushrooms. It really is a blast seeing them from start to finish. From basically nothing, to this spongy cake, then out of ‘nowhere’ these mushrooms start to grow. It’s really beautiful.

Well, after I took that picture, and thanked god for this gorgeous morning, I started on my walk. One of the neighbors was outside working on her yard, and I hadn’t seen her yet. The house she’s living in was for sale for a long time, and it was sold about 2 months ago. I greeted her and we talked for a minute. I got her name, and I was just so excited about everything that I chose to tell her I’m expecting and I’m excited. We talked about how it’s such a blessing, and it can be really enlightening. She said I could stop by whenever. I’m very happy I met her. She’s super sweet.

I kept on.

A little while into the trail, I was looking all around at all of the life and color, and I see a rock hidden in a palm frond. I go to pick it up and it’s got a super cute little painting that some angel must have made. painted rock

I took that photo and I hid it back in the tree for someone else to find.

I was just having the most gratitude-filled morning and I swear people must have thought I was high because I was grinning like I just won the lottery. Because, I did. I woke up, conscious, full of life (both mine and another), and capable of seeing all of these amazing things. I’m really thankful for this beautiful day, and all of the gifts I came across, and I am grateful that my eyes were open enough to see them.

I hope you all have an amazing day/night.


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