Warning: Contains Extreme Silliness

Just a little about who I am as a person.

Earlier today, I went to make a couple of sandwiches. We have 2 stacks of Correll plates we use all the time, with so many different patterns. So I pull out two plates from the top of the stack.plate 1

I see the next design, and I think too bad, I really like that plate (as if I couldn’t just switch it). It has spirals, and I’m not sure if you guys have seen enough pictures of me to see, I love spirals. It looks like this. plate2

It’s been my favorite plate for a while. We rotate the plates as they’re cleaned, so sometimes it can be a while before I get that plate. Well, as much as I like that plate, I didn’t really want it so badly that I’d be willing to disrupt the natural order of plates. So I went on to make our sandwiches. I separated our plates. plate3

I pulled our plates apart, and a huge shit-eating grin spread across my face. Like, way more than is normal, well, what is normal really? I know I’m a peculiar person, but MAN, was I excited that even though I respected the natural order of the plates, I won the plate lotto and got my favorite design, AND for the first time realized we have 2 of these plates. plate4

I actually ran back to the bedroom to tell Travis, because I about lost it at how excited I was about this. I ended up crying laughing because I got too much of a kick out of myself.

I am definitely silly, and I’m definitely an over-sized 5 year-old, and I’m definitely gonna love being a mom because I already find the most ‘trivial’ things amazing, I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like seeing a human being learn how to do things FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES. It’s insane. It’s seriously a crazy concept to me and I can’t wait for every single moment ever.

Which brings me back to what I’ve been doing today when I haven’t been making or eating food. I’ve been applying online at places that offer telecommuting jobs. I updated my resume, and created an indeed profile. I started to update my linkdin, but I feel like it’s gonna be a lot of filling stuff out, when I wish it would just let me upload my resume.

That is my least favorite thing about resumes, is that a lot of places make you fill out an application anyway, and not as a hiring loophole, but because (in my butthurt opinion) they want to see you have the initiative and skill it takes to create a resume, but they aren’t willing to just take a minute and find the things they’re interested in. They’d rather have it where they’re used to having it, in their little boxes. I’m just tired of writing/typing the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. /endrant

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