Love at First Sight

And second, and third, etc.

I’ve watched the videos and seen the pictures over 100 times. I’ve shown everyone I know, and even a few I don’t. Shoot, people in India have seen our baby on the sonogram. That’s amazing! I am so excited.

I’m really glad I titled this because I started talking to a lady I know, on facebook, and I totally forgot the direction I was going until I read the title. Baby brain makes for goldfish like attention-span. I’m okay with that because I surprise myself with things that make me happy. 🙂

Back to the original post thought.

The image in this post is the first image of me being able to really tell what my baby is looking like right now. Cute little profile, heartbeat, 100% miracle. Here’s the first video. It’s a different one than in the post I made just about the sonogram.

In the video, you hear me super high-pitched and just stunned. It was so surreal seeing this tiny human on a screen, knowing that it’s inside of me on the other end of the wand. That’s our human baby, and it’s little head, and arms, and strong little legs, it made little fists and kicked and sucked its thumb. It was beautiful. I was surprised I didn’t feel it moving around more. In the next couple weeks the movements will be more distinguishable (from gas, that is).

I also can’t wait until we have the gender reveal party. I’ll probably start planning it tomorrow and pick a date. I want it close enough to not go crazy holding onto the folded up secret paper, and far enough away that people can clear their schedules.

I also just want to take a moment out to acknowledge my partner, Travis. He is such an amazing man, my best friend, and happily the father of the baby inside of me. He’s been so kind and loving, and he’s so strikingly intelligent. Our baby is going to have a big brain. I love you, Travis.

I hope you all have a great night. I’m going to go to sleep.

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