I Love You, Baby

I haven’t met you yet, but I love you. I love you with my whole heart. I cry tears of joy every time I really let it in that I’m growing you inside of me, and that one day you’re going to be a person, with loves, and feelings, and dreams, and passions. One day you’re going to be a person with favorite foods, and colors, and just, such a big heart. I know you’ll have a big heart, especially coming from me and your daddy. We have a lot of love to give you.

We can’t wait to show you all of the things in this world, and teach you how to find out about them on your own, and how to learn on your own. Oh, your brain is going to be hungry, because we consume information and books. You’ll always have a lot of books around you, so don’t worry.

A few months ago a lady overheard me say I just found out I’m pregnant, and she said, “You’re life is over.”

I corrected her, “My life is just beginning, and I can’t wait to share it with my baby.”

You, little angel, are life. In the most pure and innocent form. I promise to always come from love. Even when it might be hard, because you’re worth it. You’re worthy of all of the love, smiles, joy, and respect in the world. I love you. We love you.



Mommy & Daddy

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