Our First Ultrasound! (Added Video)

We got to see our baby today! We went to a baby expo, expecting to pay 5 dollars each for entrance, and were graced with not needing to pay that. We just thought we were going to get some free samples and some cards and see some stuff we might need to know, considering we’re having a baby.

WELL, we were just finishing up a conversation with the La Leche lady, and saw money flying around in a tube and couldn’t get closer because there was a couple there with a stroller. So, we turned around and there was an ultrasound booth. She started telling us about how they do ultrasounds for 25 dollars, and I was tempted, but we really didn’t have the extra money. I told her medicaid was taking care of my ultrasounds, so I figured I’d just wait until 18-20 weeks. She asked me if it was because of the money, and I said yes. She then came back with a ten dollar offer, letting us know she didn’t want us to not do it because of the money. So, since we didn’t even have to pay to get in, we figured this was the perfect way to spend that ten dollars!

She even said she can find out the sex if we’d like, and I said yes, and that I totally wanted it to be put secretly on a tiny piece of paper all folded up so I can give it to the baker. She happily agreed to this. So, I took my place on the table and she prepped me for my first sonogram. Travis had his phone ready, which I am now wait for an upload from.

I can’t even describe the feeling of seeing our baby move around inside of me. They look so strong and energized. I say they, not because there’s more than one, but because until we have that party I do not know if it’s a boy or a girl, and calling the baby ‘it’ just doesn’t seem right anymore. That’s a little person. A little angel of a person that I’m growing.

Oh jeeze I’m crying again. I feel so blessed that I’m able to experience this miracle. And I keep wanting to call the baby ‘he.’ I am so excited. My grandma kept telling me I needed to go to the expo, and I’m really glad she’s a good jewish mother because I felt if I didn’t go I’d feel bad because I didn’t do as she said. So we went. Thank you, God.

Click hear to watch it happen!

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