Sweet Magnolia

I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier, and since I live in Florida, I chose to take a walk before it reached 97 degrees. It was already 83, but since the sun hadn’t risen all the way yet, it was beautiful.

There’s a lake at the park next to my neighborhood, with a nice little walking trail shaded by beautiful oaks, that have been big since I was little. I walked around the lake and found some ducks, butterflies, people walking dogs, and my favorite-smelling flowers.

The magnolias filled the air with a sweetness I was sure my pregnant nose was exaggerating, until another man walking by also remarked on the flowers. I would get a perfume made of magnolias, but I’m afraid the bees would be too attracted to me. I’m going to ask my beekeeper friend of mine if that’s how it works.

I don’t have much else to write today, it’s been a pretty peaceful and relaxed day. I’m really grateful for my boyfriend and the way he treats me like a princess. I’m grateful for our baby growing inside of me. 🙂

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