Our Baby’s Heartbeat: (Video Included)

Even as I’m writing this, I’m tearing up again at the thought of what a miracle it is to be able to create life, and to be able to hear it and witness it while it grows.

We went to our second appointment at the birthing center, my vitals and levels were good, and we talked about options for pain management for my arthritis, and other things that have been going on in life.

After that, it was time for the physical, followed by a baby safari. She felt my breasts to make sure everything was good, and she could feel the top of my uterus, which right now, at 15+2 weeks, is in between my belly button, and pubic bone. So, all of that went well, it was on to the next thing, the thing we’d been waiting for and telegraphing.

It was time to hear the heartbeat. I had Travis pass me my phone and the midwife gooped my belly up. She told us we’d first probably hear my heartbeat, then a thundery sound, followed by the baby’s heartbeat. Then she asked me which side I wanted to start on (left or right) and I immediately said left. It really felt like I knew. She was just telling me it might take some searching, and as soon as she put the doppler to my stomach, there it was- a rapid, strong, beautiful song from god. Our baby’s heartbeat was healthy and right there. I felt so connected to this little human. I tried not to cry too much, because every time I went to catch my breath it would make a static sound. I cried silent, happy, tears of absolute joy.

You can hear the recording here—> Baby’s Heartbeat

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