Super Banana Pancakes

I saw these on facebook one day, and did not even believe how awesome they would be.

Well, they are, and they’re super inexpensive to make, and you hardly need any ingredients. If you have a medium sized banana and two eggs, you have enough ingredients. If you want to add the extra stuff, it’s not necessary AND I totally recommend it. I added a splash of vanilla extract and some cinnamon to the batter. You can also add a pinch of baking powder to add a little extra fluff.

So take your banana and use a fork to smush it as much as you can, it’s perfectly fine if there are chunks. You won’t notice it in the texture unless you’re like the princess and the pea. Next, mix in the eggs (and other ingredients if you’d like.)

Then, make like regular pancakes, but since the base is egg, it’s a bit runnier. Use about 2 tbs of batter for each pancake and spread them thin on a, little over a medium heat, greased pan. When you can start to slide your spatula under them without them spilling, flip. BUT FLIP CAREFULLY. just like flipping eggs, the’ll splat everywhere if you’re sloppy.

When you’re all done, this usually makes about 9 mini pancakes for me, you have at least two options. If you love bananas a bunch, put regular syrup on them. If you’re pregnant and your senses can’t handle that much of any one taste, throw some savory peanut butter and a little honey on them. What you have now is a gluten-free Elvis sandwich.

Super delicious.

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