Dreams of Breastfeeding

It was hours and hours ago, now, but last night I had dreams I was breastfeeding a newborn. I didn’t fully remember it until about 5 hours ago, when I was watching a video of families meeting their babies for the first time. I was sobbing at the beauty and excitement. It’s so crazy because in my dream it was just as real as anything else. I felt him latch on after a slight miss.

I’m really tired tonight. I almost didn’t make a post, but then I realized that would have just been lazy. I already missed yesterday, and I don’t want to miss anymore days.

Tomorrow I plan on making a couple of posts, one about the midwife visit, and possibly including a snippet of the heartbeat, and another one about the pancakes I made earlier.

This isn’t a long post, and I promise to make it up to you tomorrow with some seriously awesome stuff. đŸ˜€

Thanks for reading & have a beautiful night, or day, depending on where you’re reading from.

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