Happy Mother’s Day!

Those roses are for you, because you rock!

I haven’t actually earned the title of mother, at least without adding the ‘to-be’ on the end, and it’s totally weird realizing that next year I will be celebrating mother’s day as a mom.

My EDD is 11/5/17. We’re going to be able to get the ‘baby’s first Christmas’ ornaments, and little footprint things, and a family Christmas Card. I never realized how cheesy-suburban-family I am on the inside, but I guess since that’s the kind of family I always wanted, it makes sense that I imagine myself doing those things.

I went over to my parent’s house tonight.

All in all, we had a good time. My brother got a small little drone with a camera on it, and man, that little thing flies. The dog tried to eat it several times. It was pleasant, we were all hanging out, dodging it as it passed by our hair, and laughing at the precarious ways this little thing was landing. It actually got stuck in the drop down blinds. I bet it would take killer videos of sunset.

Tomorrow we’re going to hang out with Travis’ family for lunch, and my family at dinner. People up north might hate me a little bit for this, but I’m crossing my fingers that the pool has gotten enough sun to warm up, because no matter what, I’m jumping in. Momma needs near anti-gravity on her joints (not that I’m big yet, my joints just hurt.)

By the way!! If any of you mommas know of any seriously kickass pain relief options for high level joint pain, that are safe during pregnancy, please shoot me a message so I can bring it up with the midwife.

Thank you. ❤ I hope everyone has an amazing day, and remembers how beautiful and worthy of love and happiness they are.

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