Like I’ve Never Felt Before

No, I’m not talking about love or an orgasm, though those things do have a history of being enhanced as hormones SURGE through the body of a woman experiencing the growth of another human life.

I’m talking about feeling things in my body I haven’t felt before, in places I didn’t really pay attention to. I knew what a hip-flexor was before, but how deep does it go? Especially since my curves are getting vivacious as ever, it’s a decent amount of meat to rub to get to the sore part of my hip. Imagine stretching past a 180 degrees and still not reaching it.

Also, feeling like a WOMAN like I’ve never felt before, not in the sense that a woman isn’t a woman unless she procreates, not that, but in the way that my family members who had seen me as a kid, even after I published my book, finally getting that, I didn’t get here by some magic wand, or did I?

But you get what I’m saying. They finally get to acknowledge that I am a woman, not a girl, of sexual expression. They understood the artistic expression, being that I’ve been expressing myself for as long as I could move a pencil in my hand, or speak. Given that it’s pretty easy to scribble, I’m not sure which came first.

I feel seen. And, since last week, I feel powerful again. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with the waterfall of hormones I was experiencing for the first time. It’s a lot of work laying the base for human life.

Also, 4 days until our next appointment! I’m so beyond excited to hear the heartbeat. 🙂 I just can’t even imagine that moment. We are going to love this … we already love this baby so much, AND we will show our child so much love that they never ever doubt their place in this world.



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