Too Many Cookies

Well, I feel pregnant again. All it took was 6 fresh baked cookies, maybe 8.

I felt waves of guilt and satisfaction washing over me like the rising tide. I finally decided to ride the wave of satisfaction to shore. There’s no sense in beating myself up over some cookies. I have been eating well and taking good care of this preggo little body. I deserved those cookies, ESPECIALLY since I can’t eat raw dough.

Now, my binge of cookies may have been triggered subconsciously by the lady at Wendy’s saying I ‘don’t look pregnant.‘  I was hangry and she was talking on the phone while at the register, not even talking about an order! She was just carrying on, about some arbitrary thing. So, when I said, “Excuse me, I’m pregnant and hungry,” that’s what she said. Now mind you, and I have no problem with heavy people, she was a good 350 pounds and in a mobility scooter. Now, I’ve been anorexic before, and I’ve been a little heavier, in that order. I felt shamed because I didn’t fit her idea of what pregnant should look like. I get that I’m not 6 months with a belly like a soccerball, AND I’m just as pregnant as the next mommy to be.

I was a lot happier when I got my food. Think gremlins in reverse. Okay, okay, a little less dramatic.

I’m also very happy the gentleman at the counter took our order while she was on the phone, especially since she ended up taking an actual 10-15 minutes to order, while actually ordering and trying to modify, not while talking on the phone. The way the guy handled it prompted my survey and positive reviews.

Back to feeling pregnant. I actually do feel pregnant again today. Not in the sick, foggy, moody kind of way, but in the maternal-nesty kind of way, hence the cookies.

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