I Don’t Feel Pregnant

Well, I did. I felt very pregnant.

It wasn’t until I puked 4 nights in a row, on the 33rd day of my normally 28 day cycle, 2 weeks after consciously having unprotected sex the day I was ovulating. That must have been the earliest of baby brain working, because all signs pointed to pregnancy. My boobs had gotten bigger, I was “PMSing” for 2 weeks, 3 at the point of my puking, and well, I was tiiiired. My boyfriend kept touching my belly saying, “Well there’s probably a baby in there.”

It was 35 days into my cycle when we finally got the HPT. The line that said pregnant was BIG and BOLD, 5 times as bright as the control line. I was SUPER pregnant. Well, am. I am happily 14 and a half weeks pregnant. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the placenta has taken the majority of the hormones over, or what, but today I had a moment when I thought I don’t feeel pregnant. I feel moody, but I don’t feel pregnant anymore. I got upset at that until I thought of it logically. This is a good thing. I am starting to FEEL like I’m in the second trimester. WOOOT.

Hopefully no more morning sickness, less lethargy, for now, and less tender breasts. I can be excited to give hugs again! No more curling over in fear of bumped boobies. Plus, I’m starting to show a tiny bit so it’s starting to feel more real for everyone. Aside from the fact I didn’t feel that pregnant today.

It resurfaced in my mind, today, that in 6 days, we will have our second birthing center appointment. We will get to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! How amazing is that?! Being that it’s a birthing center, they don’t really do ultrasounds all the time. Actually they only do 2. One of them will be in about 3 weeks in order to find out the sex!

We’ve chosen to do a gender reveal party (yes I am aware of the gender vs sex conversation) AND while we’re going to love this child no matter what, we’re also excited to give ourselves this surprise. And we’re going to teach the baby that all colors are for all people and when the time comes they will be able to pick their own toys. ANNNND, I’m super excited about this, our baby will have so many options to learn and create. I want them to learn every form of self expression they can get their hands on. Just to experience it and figure out what they like to do.

It’s such a blessing to be able to love a human into existence, and to nurture it as it learns and grows. We’re creating a human being who will eventually have hopes, dreams, values, passions, and emotions! What a blessing! We get to show this child how worthy they are, and how loved they are. I can’t wait to love them unconditionally. Truly unconditionally. 26 weeks left until we can meet our little angel.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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