Our First Ultrasound! (Added Video)

We got to see our baby today! We went to a baby expo, expecting to pay 5 dollars each for entrance, and were graced with not needing to pay that. We just thought we were going to get some free samples and some cards and see some stuff we might need to know, considering we're... Continue Reading →

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It’s Been Too Long

I haven't posted in ages. I don't have an excuse for while I was pregnant, but I have an excuse for the last 7 weeks. On October 28th, I gave birth to the most beautiful boy ever. I have known love, but until that moment I had only felt like 10% of my capacity to... Continue Reading →

My Broken Chains

So, while I've been dealing with a recent trauma, I looked at the calendar earlier and realized it's July 26th. That date used to haunt me. For 10 years it haunted me. The whole month of July I would be aware of its imminent arrival. July 26, 2005 was the day of my sexual assault.... Continue Reading →

Enveloped in Love

I don't know if you've ever done psychedelics, but for me, there's a feeling when I feel my skin and look at my fingertips, that reminds me of how amazing it is that I can do those things. I feel that right now. I appreciate my toes, and every single body part attached to them.... Continue Reading →

Kickboxing Baby!

I swear, this baby is going to have some strong legs, because he kicks like a beast. So, I've been dealing with some emotional distress, but I think I'm finally getting through it. It's like, stresses of life circumstances are that much harder when pregnant, considering the brain is producing so many hormones that make... Continue Reading →

Little Brother

So, my brother has been in and out of trouble for the majority of his life, and nearly all of his adult life. He's turning 21 at the end of the month. Every single time, we hope that he's gonna learn his lesson and wise up. And, nearly every single time, he gets a slap... Continue Reading →

July is Going to Rock

I'm committed to getting out of my own way this month. I'm gonna follow through with business propositions, I'm going to write, I'm going to connect. It's easy to let friendships and relationships fall by the wayside. I'm not about that anymore. I want everyone to know that they matter, and they won't get that... Continue Reading →

Hey Guys!

I have been slacking. July is a month that I'm going to kick so many things into high gear. I'm going to get back to writing every day, and if I can't get on the internet for whatever reason, I will write in my notebook or on my phone's notepad. We had our level 2... Continue Reading →

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